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Ecstatic Dance :: The Global Movement

A growing tribe of people from every walk of life is discovering and unleashing their personal and collective power thru ecstatic dance; a mixture of moving meditation, carefully architected soul-stirring music, creative self-expression, conscious community connection, and sweat. Connecting first “within” through free and inspired body movement is the power of ecstatic dance. From there, connection with life and others happens effortlessly. Humans have danced since time immemorial -- for fun, for joy, because if feels good, for ritual, spiritual, or prayerful purpose. Dance is our birthright. Here you're invited to MOVE, BREATHE and Be FREE!

WHAT TO EXPECT: Great music, great exercise and great people! This is where you can free your mind and body, connect with yourself, with Source, your intentions, and with a safe and loving community. If you want to DANCE freely, then this is the place for you. The fearlessness with which this community shows up to play, leap, roll, and move creatively gives you permission and courage to dance your dance without any judgment. Dance alone or dance together. Move with what feels right for YOU! This is a safe space held for movement exploration that frees your range of motion in body, mind and soul.
No experience required. All are invited and welcomed here.

Ecstatic Dance Dallas @ Holistic Festival of Life 6/24

special event // Friday, June 29th // Drrtywulvz

Zodiac Get Down by Ecstatic Dance Dallas

Ecstatic Dance Dallas - MoonDance presents the *Zodiac Get Down* (working title) featuring DRRTYWULVZ / Levi Witt. We are thrilled and honored to host this powerful and beloved music producer from Austin, TX for one magical full moon night.

Join us for an extraordinary night of heart-activating live music and dancing. This is a time for our human family to join together as one to honor and celebrate the sacredness of all life thru Movement, Music and Wholehearted Community. 

The #ZodiacGetDown happens the last Friday of each month and will honor each of the zodiac sun signs respectively. We begin with the sun sign of Cancer on Friday, June 29th, 2018.

It's a conscious birthday party of sorts offering yoga, cacao (a heart opening and energy activating superfood from the Amazon), an extraordinary featured artist, and a meditative sound bath to complete the experience.

This event is co-produced by Ecstatic Dance Dallas and honors the culture. Please show up sober and remember — no talking, phones, photos, or videos on the dance floor!

::: SCHEDULE :::
7p ::: Yin Yoga w. Nicole Shaw and Vanessa Palavicini
8p ::: Cacao Ceremony + Toasting the Cancers w. Emily Ashley
9p ::: DRRTYWULVZ / Levi Witt Ecstatic Dance Set
11p ::: Closing Sound Bath Meditation w. Miguel Michael Angel

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This event is the first in a new series which will last for twelve (12) consecutive months created by Monica Blossom of Ecstatic Dance Dallas that combines the Ecstatic Dance experience with live performance and celebrates the twelve zodiac signs.

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