Movement, Music & Heart-Centered Community

Movement, Music & Heart-Centered Community

Movement, Music & Heart-Centered CommunityMovement, Music & Heart-Centered Community

About Ecstatic Dance :: the global movement

People all over the world and from every walk of life, generation and gender are discovering Ecstatic Dance; a mixture of movement meditation, carefully architected multi-genre music, creative self-expression, conscious community connection, and soulful sweat. Connecting first with yourself through free and inspired body movement is the true power. From there, connection with a larger life and others happens effortlessly. 

Humans have danced since time immemorial; for pleasure, ritual, and prayerful purpose. Dance is our birthright. Here you're invited to MOVE, BREATHE and Be FREE as you were born to be! It's sophisticated in its simplicity. Just dance. What happens from there feels like magic.

WHAT TO EXPECT: Great music, exercise and people! Here you can free your mind and body, connect with yourself, your intentions and a creatively courageous community. If you want to JUST DANCE, join us. The fearlessness with which this community shows up to play, leap, roll, and move gives you permission and courage to dance your dance without judgment. Dance alone or dance together. Move with what feels right for YOU! This is a safe space held for movement exploration that frees your range of motion physically, mentally and emotionally.

No experience required. This is a drug and alcohol free environment. We hold a nonverbal, barefoot, alcohol-free container to keep the journey intentional and lucid. You can dance the night (or day) away and still wake up early to do awesome stuff in the world!


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We are a multi-generational, culturally, gender and socioeconomically diverse community. Let's dance!

Ecstatic Dance Dallas

811 Pemberton Hill Road, Dallas, Texas 75217, United States